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Antimicrobial sealant added to every print job at no extra charge!

Due to the popular response to our antimicrobial print offer we are now applying this innovative sealant to all print jobs at no extra cost for the foreseeable future.

Our antimicrobial sealant helps prevent the spread of germs by coating print in a powerful uniform antimicrobial film that kills 99.9% of harmful micro organisms that help to spread bacteria and viruses.

It lasts for the entire lifetime once applied and does not affect the look, smell or touch and can still be recycled! This innovation is popular within the catering, cleaning, travel, education and pharmaceutical sectors, where the fight against infection is important. The coating also works well for printed materials that are repeatedly handled, such as magazines, booklets, leaflets, business cards and menus.

Antibacterial print

The coating is applied through our litho process so is suited for longer coated print runs. We can also include an ‘safe to touch antibacterial print logo’ in your artwork to show your audience that you’re proactively fighting the spread of infections.

Key Features

Kills 99.99% of bacteria, viruses and fungi

Reduces the risk of infection

Protection will last the lifetime of the product

Dermatologically proven

Cost effective

For further information please call 01491 824827 or email 

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